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Metal Ballpoint Pen

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Metal Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm Blue Black Luxury Custom Advertising Gift Pen for  Office Supplies

  • Item: Rollerball Pen
  • Writing Point: 0.7MM
  • Size: 135*7.5mm
  • Design: Golden/Silver Clips
  • Package: This is 1pcs metal ballpoint pen,



About Laser Engraving 

  *Imprint is etched into the item via a lase, It's very suitable for metal pens.

  *Logo colour: Delivers a precise finish and upscale look. The colour of the etching varies depending on the material underneath.

  *Best for Products requiring a sharp yet subtle logo effect. The print is precise and permanent.

  *Less suitable for Colorful logos or solid designs with various colour gradients.





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