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Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand

Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand

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Introducing the Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand, the ultimate solution for charging your iPhone 12 and 13 series while on the go. This innovative product offers a full range of adaptations, including a wireless magnetizing car holder, 120 times suction, and 360 degree rotation. With its strong absorption, wireless charging, and precise matching, this car stand is designed for convenience and ease of use.T

he Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand features a humanized operation, making it effortless to use. Its magnetic, mini alloy design adds a touch of light luxury to your car's interior. The three core materials have been upgraded to ensure fast and efficient wireless charging, while also increasing the charging range and power input.

Say goodbye to tedious charging methods and enjoy automatic charging anytime, anywhere.Equipped with 8 extremely strong magnets arranged in a ring, this car stand offers stable adsorption and a closed magnetic field that does not block the signal. The environmental 3M primer is reusable and can be washed without damaging your car.

The 360 rotation angle can be adjusted to your liking, and the alligator clip is covered with a silicone cushion for added protection.The Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand offers two modes for universal use, whether you prefer to place it in the center console or air outlet. Its structure and output are designed in HTML for easy navigation. Upgrade your car charging experience with the Wireless Chargers Car Air Vent Stand, available now at Lightbulb Gifts.

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