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illuminated Logo Power Bank Notebook Journal

illuminated Logo Power Bank Notebook Journal

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  1. Shake or touch to light up logo, automatically light off after 30 seconds, notebook power bank with USB flash drive;
  2. Notebook with wireless charging, power bank, Support Android, iPhone and Type-C;
  3. Advertise your brand wherever this item is presented
  4. Comes in a gift box
  5. Logo can be illuminated in Seven colours

Material: PU leather
Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Power bank capacity: 6000mAh/8000mAh
USB capacity: 8G/16G optional
Cable: Built-in USB charging cable, micro USB cable, lighting cable and Type-C cable
Writing paper size: A5 size
Input: 5V 1A
Output: 5V 1A/2A
Dimension: 170*235*32mm
Net weight: 1kg
Colour: Black, blue, customized
Printing options: Laser Engraving / Embossing / Screen Print
Printing area: Leather cover
Accessories: notebook, instruction book, gift box


Available in two styles 


The Flap which has no flash drive



And the Lockbelt which has the USB drive as the Lock 




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