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Modern Led travel table Lamp

Modern Led travel table Lamp

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Modern Led Table Lamp with Wireless Charging and bluetooth speaker.


Color: white, wood
Wireless charger + bluetooth speaker + night light
Product material: imported ABS+PP+hardware
Power input: DC5V/2.1A 9V/1.67A
Output power 10W
Charging efficiency: 75%
Product size: 191*203*55mm
The power charging port is internationally universal Type-c
Applicable to: Apple iPhone X iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone XS Max
Samsung: Galaxy S6 Galaxy S7 Galaxy S8 Galaxy S9 Note8 Note9
Huawei: Mate RS Mate20 Pro Mate 20 RS P30 Pro

1. Mobile phone stand function, adjustable stand, wireless fast charging, Bluetooth speaker, hands-free call, night light
2. Adjustable touch light, function buttons, heat-dissipating aluminum shell


You can opt out of not having the blue tooth spec. 

* 10W high-power charging output, which can provide fast charging without interfering with other operations, so your mobile phone battery needs careful maintenance
*Automatic shutdown and overcharge, no need to worry about long-term charging
*The phone holder can easily set up the phone, freeing up more space for you
*Charging sensing distance, you can also enjoy smooth wireless charging with a mobile phone case
*Touch the button desk lamp to avoid the trouble of frequently plugging and unplugging the charging head, and enjoy the fun of 360-degree wireless charging that is easy to charge

Touch function:
*The brightness of one touch is 30%.
*The secondary brightness of touch is 70%
*The brightness of three touches is 100%.
* Touch the light four times to turn off the light

*Material: ABS plastic + PP + electronic parts
*Input: 5V / 2.1A & 9V / 1.67A
*Output: 5V/1A&9V/1.2A
*Power: 5W / 7.5W / 10W
*Size: about 191 * 13 * 203MM

Package Included:
* 1 x LED desk lamp with fast wireless charger

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