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Handpressed French press Gift Set

Handpressed French press Gift Set

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 Grinder Press Pot Set 


1. Coffee machine size: 3.7 inches x 3.5 inches x 6.6 inches, with a ceramic grinder, stainless steel frame, original wooden back box; French press pot size: 3 "x 3" x 7 ", 304 Stainless steel lever cover, glass body, V-shaped mouth to prevent spilling. Holds 12oz coffee.

2. Use method: add coffee beans, turn the handle to start grinding, and remove fresh coffee grounds from the drawer, then pour into the coffee pot, add 90 ~ 95 degrees Celsius water, press the lever, wait for three minutes, you can enjoy!

3. Ingenious structure: the main body is made of pure wood and easy to access. There is a drawer on the base, which is very convenient and easy to operate. We recommend that you clean it once a week.

4. You and your friends and family will love this coffee machine set

5. It is very convenient to carry, and it is also suitable for home, office, school, conference and other places.

Material: Metal + plastic
Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place

1. Put 1-2 spoons (about 16-20g of ground coffee powder into the glass window)

2. 150ML of 95 ° C hot water is slowly poured in, wait for 3-5 minutes, stir the coffee powder with a stir bar, and let the oil contained in it float to the upper layer.

3. Put on the filter and press it down gently, a cup of strong and intoxicating coffee is done

1. The degree of coarse grinding of coffee beans-French pressure filter pot is suitable for slightly thicker coffee particles. The original taste of coffee and coffee oil can make the coffee taste stronger.

2. Accurate weighing-If you want to prepare a successful and delicious coffee every time, you need to accurately weigh with a scale and a measuring spoon every time you brew, instead of extracting by visual inspection

3. Accurate extraction time-The success of the French pressure pot for coffee extraction depends on whether you can accurately grasp the time to wake up the extraction, set the alarm clock to 3 minutes in advance, and start counting when pouring hot water
4. Don"t pour out the residue-Do not pour the entire extract into the coffee cup when extracting coffee, leave the residue in a French pressure filter press

French press pot * 1
Grinder * 1

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