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PowerPort Elite Wallet

PowerPort Elite Wallet

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Presenting the "Premier Power Wallet" – the epitome of sophistication and utility for the discerning executive. Crafted from premium PU leather, this innovative wallet not only secures your cards and licenses in its sleek compartments but also features a built-in power bank. With dual charging cables compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it ensures your essentials are always powered up.

The inclusion of a Type-C connector and a 5W wireless charging capability elevates its functionality, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously without compromising on style. The Premier Power Wallet is the ultimate accessory for professionals who demand elegance, efficiency, and connectivity on the go.


Material: PU leather
Capacity: 6800mAh, with wireless charging 5W
Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Battery volume: LED indicator
Input: 5V/2A
Output: 5V/2A
Conversion rate: Up to 85%-88%
Storage Temperature: -10℃~25℃
Size: 178*98*19mm
Net weight:  208g
Cable:  Built-in Android and iPhone cable, with Type-C connector
Colour: Black, brown, customized
Printing options: Embossing / Screen Print
Accessories: Wallet power bank, gift box

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