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Led Men's Glowing TShirt

Led Men's Glowing TShirt

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Men's tshirt Electro-acoustic Vibrating EL Voice-activated T-shirt Glowing Clothes LED Light t-shirt Trend Performance Clothing

Weight: 200 grams
product manual:
The flashing light effect of the luminous T-shirt can perfectly match the rhythm of the sound, perfect rhythm
Whether it's the sound of singing, or the music of a cell phone, bar or KTV,
It can perfectly show the dynamic charm of music.
Suitable for the crowd: (avant-garde, fashion, personality, party, bar, KTV, disco, etc. nightlife, street dance enthusiasts and personal appreciation enthusiasts...)
Scope of use: (bars, KTV, disco, parties, appointments, music fans, stadium events, cultural evenings, personal collections, etc...)
 Application industry: Light-emitting films are widely used in various industries such as advertising, home decoration, auto parts, watches and clocks.
Item No.: 2 cell sound control 4 cell sound control Non-voice control (normally bright, fast flash, slow flash) Self-selected battery.
Colour: Black 
product Index
Thickness index: ultra-thin and thin conventional thickness
Softness index: moderately soft and soft
Elasticity index: non-elastic micro-elastic elastic super-elastic
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