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Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Digital Voice Recorder Pen

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32GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen 64G 128GB Audio Recording WAV Rechargeable Sound Dictaphone V10

Product Features:

1. Using zinc one-piece shell, anti-fall strongly
2. Timestamp,Name the recording files by date automatically
3. Monitor the recording in real time/Hearing aid fuction
4. Work as voice Recorder,MP3,and USB drive
5. Play function: wire USB adapter, Previous/Next File button
6. Without speakers,no sound
7. Support voice activated mode
8. Detect low battery and save recording files automatically before power off
9. Built in rechargeable 100mAh lithium battery
10.One key to record and one key to save audio.
11. USB 2.0 Plug
12. Color: Black


1. Recording Format: WAV
2. Music Playback Format: WMA/FLAC/MP3/APE/OGG etc.
3. Battery Recording Time: About 12 hours
4. Battery: 100mAh lithium battery
5.Memory Capacity : 8GB to 128GB(Specific to the actual product)
6.Recording method: Voice Recording
9. USB Interface 2.0
10. Working Temperature: 0 to 45 degree
11. Headphone Jack: 3.5mm, dual track
12. Noise-signal Ratio: 80db
13. Size(mm):142*11(L*W*T)(Specific to the actual product)
14. Net Weight: 37g
15. Compatible System: Windows 2000&above
16.Use for: Daily,Meeting , Training , Study

Package Included:

1*Voice recorder

1*English user manual

1* USB adapter

1*USB Cable


2* Extra refills

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