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Digital Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Digital Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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21.5 inch Android Digital Signage with Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Advertise your products on this digital screen as it dispenses sanitisers to your customers.

This Wireless Digital Signage Dispenser is a device that can display the advertising contents in image or video file, and automatically dispense the Sanitizer or Liquid Soap at the same time. Comparing to the traditional Digital Signage, this smart device can catch more target audience. The Content Management Server allows you to control all wireless digital signage by any internet-connected computer from anywhere in the world. The automatic dispenser can dispense the hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap without touch to avoid any cross-infection. It is usually using in the supermarket, retail shop, Fair, Salon, etc. Or combined different displays together for promotion and advertising.



Main Specification
Product Name 21.5 inch Hand Sanitizer LCD Digital Signage
Brand LG/AUO/BOE brand LCD panel(Full new A quality original LCD)
Resolution 1080*1920
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Brightness 250cd/m2
Active area(mm) 473*296mm
Touch screen no touch function  (optional PCAP touch screen;Antibacterial capacitive screen;Paste antibacterial protective film)

PS:The antibacterial glass is used as the cover of the capacitive screen, and the ion antibacterial molecules are replaced into the

interior of the tempered glass to achieve the purpose of long-term antibacterial and antibacterial A layer of antibacterial
protective film is affixed to the surface of the glass, so as long as the surface is glass, no matter it is a touch screen or a
complete product.

CPU RK3288
Memory 2GB
Nand flash 8GB Flash
Storage port USB
OS Android 7.1.1 0S version
WiFi Yes, inbuild WiFi(802.11b/g/n); 3G/GPS/Bluetooth(optional)
4G module Option
Auto Sanitizer
Dispensing Life >=650000 cycles
Disinfectant Bottle volume 1000ML volume
Dispensing Volume Support adjust for Gel; Foam; Liquid.
Indicator Light Indicator Light for Sanitiser
Pump Standard pump for Liquid
Power Supply AC adapter
Advertising CMS
super HD 2160P video
Support picture JPG/JPEG/ PNG/BMP
Software upgrade Support upgrade software by USB disk
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