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Star Wars Reveal Mug

Star Wars Reveal Mug

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350mL Star Wars Magic Mug.  Heat Reveal Cup


Product Material: Ceramic

Product size: 8.2x9.6cm

Color: As the picture show

Style: Star Wars Color Changing Mug

Capacity: 350mL


3. When filled with hot liquid, Wake up.

4. Heat sensitive material on the mug surface turns color when hot liquid is poured in

5. Limit exposure to direct sunlight

6. Hand wash (dishwasher not recommended)



Note: Please allow 1 cm error due to the manual measurement. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!



Package includes:

1 x Mug




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Transhome-Star-Wars-Coffee-Mug-300ml-Personalized-Color-Change-Mug-Porcelain-Star-Wars-Lightsaber-Ceramic-Dragon (1)


Transhome-Star-Wars-Coffee-Mug-300ml-Personalized-Color-Change-Mug-Porcelain-Star-Wars-Lightsaber-Ceramic-Dragon (2)


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