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Promotional Note book set with matching pen

Promotional Note book set with matching pen

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Introducing our latest innovation in stationery - the Promotional Note book set with matching pen. This set is perfect for daily use, whether it's for jotting down memos or keeping track of important business meetings. The hardcover design adds a touch of elegance, while the faux leather material gives it a vintage feel.

The set comes with a pen that perfectly matches the notebook, making it a stylish and cohesive set. The notebook has 100 sheets of high-quality paper, ensuring a smooth writing experience. The front binding adds a unique touch to the design, while the double adhesive tape ensures that the pages stay in place.

Available in four vibrant colors - red, yellow, blue, and black - this set is sure to make a statement. The compact size of the notebook (206*141mm) makes it easy to carry around, while the hard copybook provides durability. The shipping charges will be emailed to you after ordering this product, making it a hassle-free purchase.

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