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Promotional USB Water Bottle Caps Humidifier

Promotional USB Water Bottle Caps Humidifier

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Mini Portable Aroma Diffuser Essential oil Mist Maker 

Product description

Features 1. 360-degree arbitrary rotation conversion function

Features 2. 6 color change lights

Feature 3. Silent fog volume is stable

Feature 4. Can be used in car, office, home

Use voltage: DC5V USB power supply


Rated power: 1.2-1.5W


Working hours: 6H

Product net weight: 60g


Weight with color box: 115g


Product size: 72 * 72 * 121mm


Water screen capacity: 230mL


Product standard: product + bottle + USB cable + manual




1. The voltage of this product is DC-5V, please make sure the working power is 5V DC power.
2. If you do not use this product for a long time, please keep the water tank clean, dry the water stick and unplug the power supply.
3.Purified water is recommended.
4. It is recommended to change the color of the water-absorbing sponge stick in time. When cleaning, remember that the whole machine cannot be washed in water, and do not touch the atomizing chip.
5. If there is an abnormal sound or the water mist becomes significantly smaller, please refill the water tank after shutting down.
6. Do not turn the product upside down when you have a bottle with water



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