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Multi-Function Table Lamp

Multi-Function Table Lamp

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Product parameters:

1.Product name:Multifunctional desk lamp wireless charger.

2.Product color:Interior color, white.

3.Input voltage:9V2A.

4.Wireless output:5W-7.5W10W-15W.

5.Airplads output:3W.

6.LDE output:4W.

7.USB output:5V1A.

8.Light color:White, warm, warm.

9.Charging efficiency:75%

10.Working frequency:100-205KHZ.

11.Texture of material:ABS+PC.

12.Transmission distance :2-6mm.

13.Programme:Independent research and development.

Product features:

1. Overvoltage protection

2. Overcurrent protection

3. Short circuit protection

4. Power protection

5. Over temperature protection

6. Overcharge protection

7. Undervoltage protection

8. Magnetic field protection

9. Foreign matter detection

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