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LBC Powerbank Menu holder

LBC Powerbank Menu holder

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The power bank menu holder will help to modernize your restaurant and provide your customers with a table charging station. Accommodate your clientele with a fully charged battery while successfully displaying item prices and information.

Turn your Coffee Shop, Bar, Hotel, Restaurant, Salon and Exhibition Booth to a service paradise.

While your guests use your thoughtful service 2A output quickly phones charging, they are able to study the Menu, Beverage list and watch different kinds of Advertisements, which can be placed inside the power bank, without any hurry.

1. For Restaurants and Bars, guests stay longer and often come and so they consume more drinks and food.

2. For Hotels, show drink and food menu on both sides and provide phone charging to improve the customer service and guest satisfaction.

3. For Advertising company, our innovative 7 Inch Table Digital Advertising Player effectively expand your customer's product advertising coverage.



Product Details

★ Both Sides with Acrylic Board for Displaying Printed Picture
★ Display Time Long for 563 Days and Full Charged in 5 Hours
★ Slide Top Cover on Left or Right and Remove it to Insert Picture
★ Print Picture Size: 95x181mm and Insert Picture for Free: Please send us your Picture Artwork
★ Samsung / LG 18650 Lithium Battery 20800mAh ~ 40200mAh
★ Output 5V/8A (Max Charging 8 Phones at Same Time)
★ Quickly Full Charged:Only Take 5 Hours
★ Charging while Discharging
★ Anti-theft Function

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