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Branding Transfer Executive Notebook

Branding Transfer Executive Notebook

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NB 16GB Disk = Notebook+16GB U-Disk

NB PB = Notebook+Power Bank (10000mAh)

NB 16G PB = Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)

NB 16G PB WC = Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Wireless Charging

NB 16G PB Ca = Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Calculator

NB 16G PB MP4 = Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+ 4.3inches MP4 Video Player

NB 16G PB WC LED = Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Wireless Charging+LED Light

NB 16G PB WC DL= Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Wireless Charging+Digital Lock

NB 16G PB WC FL=Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Wireless Charging+Fingerprint Lock

NB 16G PB WC FL LED MP4=Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Wireless Charging+Fingerprint Lock+LED Light+4.3inches MP4 Video Player

NB 16G PB WC NFC 7inches MP4=Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Power Bank (10000mAh)+Wireless Charging+NFC Screen+7inches MP4

MP4 NB 16GB+FL+PB+BT= Notebook+16GB U-Disk+Fingerprint Lock+Power Bank (8000mAh)+Bluetooth recording

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