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Smart Humanoid waiter robot

Smart Humanoid waiter robot

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This Smart Humanoid Waiter Robot is the perfect addition to any business looking to enhance their customer service and efficiency. With its advanced technology and customizable features, this robot is designed to provide a seamless and interactive experience for both customers and employees.

Application Scene

This robot can be used in a variety of settings such as hotels, banks, administrative centers, restaurants, science and technology museums, libraries, hospitals, schools, sales centers, shopping malls, cinemas, car 4S stores, banquet halls, wedding celebrations, and opening ceremonies.

Main Functions

The Smart Humanoid Waiter Robot has a wide range of functions including welcoming and bidding farewell to guests, guiding them to their desired location, providing product explanations, offering business consulting, hosting guests, presenting etiquette, engaging in expression interactions, chatting for fun, giving circular preaching, allowing for arbitrary control, face identification, private consulting, and multipoint instruction.

Custom Scenario Function Steps

1. Provide scenario requirements
2. Consult if the desired feature can be developed
3. Discuss development cycle
4. Discuss development cost
5. Sign bespoke agreement
6. Check and accept product function

Technical Parameters

Base Parameters:
- 10-inch touch screen with capacitance
- Two million pixel camera
- Bluetooth support
- Human sensor distance of 4-5m
- ID card and bank card reader
- Keyboard input and thermal printer
Control Parameters:
- Remote control walking
- Lidar navigation
- Multipoint navigation
- Voice control (optional)
- Remote control adjustment parameters
- Remote software upgrade

Main Features

- Accurate guiding and ushering
- Autonomous navigation and positioning
- Mapping and path planning
- Automatic obstacle avoidance
- Dedicated work, relentlessly and whole-heartedly
- Long working hours
- Never ask for salaries and allowances


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