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Sports Water Bottle with Spray Function

Sports Water Bottle with Spray Function

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400ML DIDI Water Bottle To Remind Drink Spray LED Light Chargeable Bottle Spray Emergency Lights Chargeable Smart Water Bottles


  1. Multifunction Cup (4 In 1), Water replenishment (Timing Remind Drinking), LED Night light, SOS emergency light, fashion appearance.

  2. 2H Remind Drinking: After starting drinking water mode, it will be issued every 2 hours drip to remind you drinking water. You can also turn off the remind drinking function.

  3. Beauty Spary: While sliding down the spray switch gently, ultrasonic nano gentle and detailed spray, soothe tired skin, reducing wrinkles, moisturizing your skin any time and place.

  4. Lights: The white light mode can be used for a portable household lamp. And the SOS emergency light for night cycling, climbing and other outdoor sports, also  for a guide light, hazard signal rescue light and car emergency light.


Operation Manual: 

1. Push down the spray switch to open the spray and push up the spray switch to close the spray. The spray function is fixed at a time of 30 minutes. The capacity of the water tank is 60ML, filled with a water tank, and can be spray for 1 hours for two times and 30 minutes. 

2. A. Trigger button for the first time to turn on the white LED lighting (switch icon). 

B. Trigger button second times to turn on red LED flashing emergency indicator (switch icon). 

C. Trigger the button third times to turn off the light. (switch icon). 

D. Long Press the button for two seconds, the buzzer rings 2 times, and the blue light flashes 2 times, then closes. At this time, the representative opens two hours of drinking water to remind. After two hours, the buzzer will ring 5 times while the blue LED flicker will stop for 5 minutes, and the timer will end. 

E.  If you need to turn off this function, please press the button again for two seconds again, then the buzzer will be fast 2 times, and the blue LED lamp flash two times, indicating the closing time to remind the water function. (switch icon). 

3. When the product is recharged, the red LED light is on, and when full charged the blue light is on. 

4. When the product power is insufficient, when the spray or lighting is switched on, the red light will flicker 5 times and then turn off, indicating that the electricity is insufficient. Please charge in time. 

  1. Material: PCTG+food grade PP+ABS+silicone

  2. Colors: blue, pink, green, grey (optional)

  3. Working Voltage: 3.7V /18650 lithium ion battery

  4. Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

  5. Charging voltage/current: 5V / 500mA

  6. Operation current: no more than 500mA

  7. Rated power: less than 2W

  8. Electrostatic current: no more than 100uA

  9. Water tank capacity: 60ML

  10. Aerosolized amount: 400ML

  11. Usage time: no less than 3.5H (full charge)P for a single spray time

  12. Use time: less than 7H (full of electricity); less than 2.5H (full of electricity) + spray time

  13. Standby time: less than 180 days (full of power) 

  14. Item size: 250 * 75 * 75mm / 9.84 * 2.95 * 2.95in 

  15. Item weight: 256g / 9.03oz

  16. Package size: 260 * 80 * 80mm / 10.24 * 3.15 * 3.15in

  17. Package weight: 350g / 12.35oz

Please Note:
Light shooting and differnent displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing.
This product can withstand 100 degrees centigrade, but can not be put in microwave and dishwasher. 



1 X Smart Water Bottle

1 X USB Cable



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