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Gaming Programmable Keyboard

Gaming Programmable Keyboard

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This unique keyboard from Lightbulb Gifts is perfect for gamers and left-handed individuals. With 40 keys and 24 macro programmable options, this keyboard allows for customizable and efficient gameplay. The LED RGB backlight adds a cool ice blue or customizable RGB light effect, making it stand out from other keyboards. The keyboard is made with high-grade ground plexiglass, making it durable and lightweight at only 310g.

The keyboard also features 4 layers of key settings that can be easily switched, allowing for even more customization. With 24 macros, users can set key commands for tasks such as copying and pasting, typing out passwords, and more.


What axis does the keyboard use?
The keyboard uses Outemu mechanical switch with a 50 million times life pure copper foot shaft.

What is the difference between the green axis and the red axis?
The green axis is the representative axis of a mechanical keyboard, with a crisp and satisfying sound. However, it can be noisy. The red axis is quieter and triggers faster, making it a favorite for gamers and office workers.

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