Premium Gifts for Men

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Ankara (6 yards) 

Cotton 5 yards 

Simple wool (5 yards) 

Italian wool (5 yards) 

Swiss Volie/Pique (5 yards) 

Premium/Swiss wool (5 yards)

Swiss lace (5 yards)


Signet ring


Jewelry storage box


Studs and cufflinks set

Hugo Boss Watch and Wallet




Velvet and Etu cap

Akogun beaded/stoned cap

Northern (Kanuri) Cap

Awo cap (plain/embroidered) 



Clothing/Ready-to-wear (sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL) 


Ankara pants 

Ankara Kaftan 

Ankara Kimono

Adire Kaftan 

Cotton Kaftan 

Wool Kaftan


Other Accessories 

Linea socks gift set

Tommy Hilfiger gift socks

Calvin Klein gift socks

Ted Baker gift socks

Happy Gift Socks

Polo Raph Laurent Gift socks

Pocket Squares gift set

Tom Ford Ombre Leather perfume

Dolce & Gabbana wallet

Prada wallet 

Dunhill Keyring

Mulberry Keyring